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Auto Profile

Just put your social URLs, Our Intelligent Robotic Process Automation will create your live profile and Digital Media Kit. Your Profile will get auto updates as and when, you will do any activity on your social pages.

Innovative Use Cases

Live Influencer’s impact scoring and forecasting for a brand's influencer marketing campaign
Dynamic Influencer's rating and pricing - a fusion of Fortune 100, CIBIL and Index Funds
And Many more innovative use cases...



Onboard your influencer marketing campaign by putting only 5~7 parameters. Our AI and Machine Learning Powered System will takecare all your complexity and will execute your campaign in the auto-pilot mode.

WoW Support

Customer First - Digital native customer support & partner platform.
For conecting the dots in the real time. Meeting the customer's expectations. Innovating new flavours. Shaping innovation fibers with the VIMPaaS continuous improvement journey.