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Influencer Marketing Platform News and Views 001

Gaming Influencers May Bag Deals Worth Millions Via Video Platforms | MintMintRohit Agarwal, founder and director of gaming-focused influencer marketing firm Alpha Zegus, said Rooter’s deal with Godlike will likely lead … 2 days ago The Impact Of Influencer And Word-Of-Mouth Marketing – ForbesForbesInstagram is the most popular platform for influencer marketing worldwide, according to a 2020 survey. 89% of marketers selected the social … Socxo launches social marketing tool ‘Socxly’ in India....

Crypto Influencer Marketing Trends 2022

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New Trend to monetize your influencing power

There are great opportunities for the influencers to monetize their influencing power with the political speeches. Peoples are like to listen “skin positive influencers” raw and real views on the political topics. As, now days, most of the media houses, news papers using too much cosmetic before producing any news and views to their audience.....