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Crypto Influencers Required for Paid Collaboration

  • Collaboration Type:Collaboration Type:: Paid Collaboration
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  • Project deadlineDecember 30, 2022
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Collaboration detail



Cryptoblue is crypto influencer solutions provider to the leading global brands. Cryptoblue has expertise in Influencer Discovery and Recruitment. Our Influencer Marketing business services includes Influencer Campaigns, Content Marketing strategy, Strategic Partnerships with the industry leading influencers.


We’re building a bridge with all Indian influencers, Business, Brands and partners. We are providing instant access to the content creators without the hassle of endless negotiations and follow ups.


Crypto Influencer Paid Collaboration Details


We are working on a requirement from a leading crypto and metaverse brand in India. We need crypto influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with at least 10k followers with a good engagement rate and crypto content affinity.


Your key role is as brand ambassador create mind-blowing contents in form of short videos, post and article for the crypto and metaverse products.


You should be pragmatic; detail focused and result oriented with experience in Influencer marketing and customer engagement on the back of crypto solutions. You should have an market understanding of Influencer economy, Brand and Marketing fundamentals, Content & Creative planning.




Details for each influencer

– Profile Link

– Bio description

– Social Media handles

– Number of followers

– Number following

Way forward: Interested crypto influencer can apply on linked or do a sign-up as influencer and complete your profile. VIMPaaS will contact with selected influencers for paid collaboration fee, way of working and detailed contract signing.


Key Content Affinities Required

Influencer's Followers Demographic Requirement

Languages required

Influencer type required for this project