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Creative Influencer Strategist

  • Collaboration Type:Collaboration Type:: Hybrid Collaboration
  • Project Level
  • Project deadlineMarch 15, 2024
  • // Kingdom

Collaboration detail

The Role:

We are looking for a Creative Strategist (Paid Social) to join the Growth Team to help further our mission by creating amazing content on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

The ideal candidate is a writer/creator/strategist who can synthesize data and produce videos that convert to sales.

Project Goals & Current Roadblocks

[What is hoped to be achieved from implementing software]

Current influencer Constraints:

  • No set process for identifying influencers
  • Require influencers to send information about engagement and network
  • Must manually screenshot influencer campaigns
  • No data-driven approach for measuring influencer success


  • An efficient approach for identifying influencers
  • To independently analyze an influencer’s audience and engagement capabilities
  • A software that aggregates all content from a campaign (including Stories)
  • **A built-in CRM where we can communicate with influencers

Project Budget

[What is your influencer marketing budget, how much will go to a software]

75K annual budget for influencer marketing


Vendor Requirements


Our influencer marketing software must have

  • Ability to perform segmented influencer search based on location, audience demographics, or #hashtag
  • Have valuable insights on each inflencer’s performance capabilities
  • Ability to aggregate relevant content from instagram stories
  • Track links from influencer content
  • Generate reports

Submission Criteria

[What information should a vendor send over to complete the evaluation process]

Along with the proposal, please send over:

  • 1 case study
  • List of current clients
  • List of social media platforms your software supports
  • Example of an influencer campaign run using software
  • # of influencers available on platform

Questions To Answer

[Important questions for the vendor to answer]

Please answer the following questions in order to be considered as Happy Company’s influencer marketing software:

  • How do you identify an influencer?
  • Can we find geo-specific influencers?
  • Can you monitor instagram stories?
  • Are we able to see influencers our competitors are working with?
  • What campaign analytics can we receive?
 London, UK
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Project frequently asked questions

Key Content Affinities Required

Influencer's Followers Demographic Requirement

Languages required

Influencer type required for this project


Project Completion deadline

August 18, 2023