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May 2021
Idea Born
During COVID Peak-time in India (2nd Wave)

During COVID lockdown, I ignited my cooking passion and within a few months I was a MasterChef for my near and dears.

I watched many foods and cooking influencer's video on YouTube. I interacted with few of them to know that how their life is going on... and how much they are earning from these great videos.

Surprisingly, I got to know that earning is very less and only few are earning something, rest of them doing their work for the passion and self-satisfaction only.

Another thing I got to know that more than 90% great influencers are not able to sustain 2~3 years and mostly becoming inactive after one or two year.

There I felt a problem and opportunity to start a Influencer Marketing Place for the Indian Food Influencers.

September 2021
1st Alfa Release
Food Influencer's App

A Food's Influencer's App and Portal was launched. Result and feedback were encouraging and motivated us to transformed our Idea to the next level.

Jan 2022
Idea Transformed
VIMPaaS Concept Design Started

Idea Transformed from Food Influencer's App to the E2E Influencer Marketing platform for the Indian Influencer, Creators, Brands, Partners, Fan and Followers. 

March 2022
Beta 1 Released

3 months, day and night single handed efforts and as a result vimpaas.com beta 1 went live. 

During this journy, I felt the real meaning and importance of Idea Incubatation and it's motivated me for the next steps forward. 

June 2022
Beta 2 Released
Improved content and graphics

Beta 1 was focused on framing and giving a shape to the core concept with some basic functionalities and content placeholders. In beta 2, placeholders were replaced with the right content and graphics.

Based on beta 2 testing result with the real users, we will improve it further with the beta 3 release targeted at the beginning of Sep-2022. 

Upcoming Features