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VIMPaaS for Influencer & Creators

How to go get Paid Collaborations & a Great Future Ahead...

What about the idea where you will get brand's promotional assignments, service orders from your fan and followers and partner's support and collaboration at a single platform?

How you will feel if it is 100% free for you?

We are sure you will just grab it, if it is simple and easy too.

Great! You will get all above + many more endless earning and growth opportunities with the VIMPAAS.

Visit Sign-Up Page or  Download VIMPAAS App on the Google Play Store now! We have defined a crystal clear and simple process for you as below.

How to get started as influencer on the VIMPAAS

  • 1. Which are the brands you are working for?


    We just launched our beta but we are getting very great response from the leading international, national and local brands and we have a very strong demand pipeline. We will publish our few brands and their logos very soon after taking the necessary approval from our respective business & brands.

  • 2. How many paid collaborations you are running currently?


    VIMPaaS is the marketplace where brands, influencer and partners will get connected, discover influencer, invite proposal for paid collaboration. VIMPaaS is truly technology enablers So we are not supposed to run any paid collaborations or influencer marketing campaigns directly.

  • 3. How will influencer get compensated or get paid?


    Please check the workflow

  • 4. How many followers do you need to be an influencer?


    VIMPaaS is not focused on number of followers, we are focused on your influencing power which can measure with like, dislike, comments on your posted content on different digital platform.

  • 5. Who owns the sponsored content that influencers create?


    It’s based on local country’s law but typically content creator is actual owner of the sponsored content.


VIMPaaS for Business

Connecting the Influencer's Marketing Business Dots...

We will delight to connect start-ups/SME/MSME and offer them zero budget sales and marketing programs (higher % revenue sharing with influencers to achieve win-win).

We welcome sales and marketing decision makers from the esteemed organizations.

We defined our E2E working flow as following. However, we are flexible to accommodate any specific business flow.

VIMPAAS for Business

Note: On each step, VIMPaaS assistance and  dedicated partner's support is avalible. 

  • 1. How many influencers you have?


    As of 06-May-2022, We have approx. 3500+ influencer connects, these numbers are increasing rapidly. We are in the process to sign the digital contacts with our registered influencers once it’s done, we will publish their profile on our website and apps.

  • 2. What are your influencer segments?


    So far, our focused influencers segments are Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauti, Health & Fitness, Arts, Food and Automotive. We are extending some niche influencer segments like defence and research etc.

  • 3. How many successful campaigns you delivered?


    VIMPaaS is the marketplace where brands, influencer and partners will get connected, discover influencer, invite proposal for paid collaboration. VIMPaaS is truly technology enablers So we are not supposed to run any paid collaborations or influencer marketing campaigns directly.

  • 4. What is the VIMPaaS fake Identification and spam prevention policy?


    VIMPaaS defined a very innovative framework and mechanism. We are in the development phase. Once it’s developed and industrialize then we will publish it as open-source to make it better and way-forward always.  

  • 5. How can you tell if an influencer campaign worked?


    Campaign execution is out of scope for phase 1. We intended to launch influencer marketing campaigns execution platform by next year (2023).


VIMPaaS for Partners

Focus on co-creation, work together and grow together

VIMPaaS is a truly technology company so we need a very strong partner’s network to provide E2E services to the customer. If you are following, you may our esteemed partner.

1. Creative Photographer
2. Video Directors
3. Faishon Designers
4. Makeup Artist
5. Multimedia Designer – Special Effects
6. Shooting & Recording Studios
7. Content writer
8. Portfolio Designer
9. SEOs & SMMs
10. Virtual Personal Assistant

We believe in co-creation, work together and grow together. We defined a simple process framework for partners as below.

VIMPAAS Partners Process Flow

  • 1. Is there any partner joining fee?


    There is no join fee. It’s free.

  • 2. What are the eligibility criteria for VIMPaaS Partner?


    VIMPaaS partner must have a registered business entity, it may proprietorship, LLP or Pvt. Ltd. Partner must have PAN & GST number.

  • 3. Is there any silver, gold and diamond level partnership model?


    Right now, all partners are equal but partnership level will be there in the future.

  • 4. What kind of services partners will get?


    It’s based on partners capability and demand from influencer and business. As we don’t have any past data so it’s not defined yet but in future it will get defined and baselined.

  • 5. Where I will get more information about VIMPaaS Partnership?


    Most of the information are available on the website and social media pages. We are happy to provide any specific information asked so please fell to write or call us for any further information or clarifications.


VIMPaaS for Fan & Followers

Real King of the Influencer or Creator Economy

All global citizens are our esteemed customer as you may be an influencer or influenced with the influencer.

In both case you are our esteemed customer.

If you are influenced with some influencers then you may defiantly want to see your influencer’s earning’s growth so he/she can survive and can better influence you in the future also.

Most of the influencers are not visible after 3~4 years because they don’t have a sustainable earning model, paid collaboration and influencer marketing campaigns.

In a nutshell you can provide a much-needed help to your loved influencer by just referring him/her to the VIMpaaS.
Being a Fan and followers, you can do a lot with the VIMPaaS.

We defined some key features and process flow for the Fan and Followers as following.

VIMPAAS Fan and Followers flow

  • 1. Who can sign as Fan & Followers?


    Any global citizen can sign as Fan & Followers.

  • 2. Is there any membership fee?


    There is not any membership fee for Fan & Followers. It’s free.

  • 3. How Fan & Followers will make the money by using VIMPaaS?


    Lifetime referral bonus points are there. We are adding many more money-making models for fan and followers and it will get live very soon.

  • 4. How a today’s followers will be tomorrow’s influencer by using VIMPaaS?


    You can take consulting from your influencers and support from our partners to make and execute your influencer road-map.

  • 5. What is code of conduct for a Fan & Followers?


    We expect integrity, ethics, respect to be followed very strictly. There are zero tolerance policy for spam, abuse and any misconduct as per law of land.