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I am incubating VIMPAAS - Synergizing Influencer Economy. Inviting you… on a Mission: Transforming Synergized Influencing Power into business opportunity and growth Start As Influencer: Get the most earning influencer’s profile of you, Sign the best business deals. Monetize your services with the business, fans, followers and end customer. All global citizens are our customer as you may be an influencer or influenced with the influencer. In both case you are my esteemed customer. Whether you are start-up business, SME, MSME or enterprise and want to promote your business in a very cost-effective way then you are my esteemed customer. If you are a creative photographer, content writer, multimedia designer, personality development coach, sales and marketing consultant then you may be our esteemed partner. We welcome sales and marketing decision makers from esteemed enterprise organizations as we have an innovative Social connects program for Proposal publishing, recruitment, execution with influencers and partners We will delight to connect start-ups/SME/MSME and offer them zero budget sales and marketing programs (higher % revenue sharing with influencers to achieve win-win)

Top Trending Influencer Marketing FAQs

Question: What is influencer marketing? Answer: Essentially, influencer marketing is when brands pay or incentivize the influencers of their choice to spread the brand’s message. it can be to promote a specific product, or to create a momentum in advance for an event. influencer marketing has the ability to achieve almost anything you can imagine.....

Crypto Influencer Marketing Trends 2022

The NFT went out on fire last year, spanning art, games, avatars, and finance. According to a report released by data firm Nonfungible, NFTs traded nearly $17.7 billion in 2021, an increase of about 210 times from $82 million in 2020. THE HIGH HEAT OF NFTS HAS ATTRACTED GLOBAL ATTENTION, BUT THE BUSTLE BELONGS TO....

Crypto Influencer Marketing Trends 2022

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How to do Influencer Marketing?

Working with influencers can increase website traffic and product sales. the cooperation methods are as follows: step 1: Develop marketing goals and needs Before you can start a marketing plan working with influencers, you must first set goals and set indicators to evaluate your effectiveness. for example, think about whether you want to increase traffic....

Micro Influencer Marketing Strategy

Micro Influencer Marketing on Instagram is already a marketing tool that can effectively improve performance and brand awareness. In fact, the size of the micro-influencer marketing market in 2022 is estimated to reach $15 billion. In other words, the ability of Internet celebrities to carry goods has been widely recognized by the public. Although macro....

Influencer marketing is an online marketing technique that has been very tamed in recent years. while many brands are already in use and there are many articles on the web about the importance of influencer marketing, many people are still unfamiliar with influencer marketing. what exactly is influencer marketing? what are the influencer marketing trends....

New Trend to monetize your influencing power

There are great opportunities for the influencers to monetize their influencing power with the political speeches. Peoples are like to listen “skin positive influencers” raw and real views on the political topics. As, now days, most of the media houses, news papers using too much cosmetic before producing any news and views to their audience.....