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Start Today For a Great Future

Why VimPaaS

Because influencer economy* is the future, with a CAGR of 32%

  • Due to the exponentials growth of internet, smartphones and social media platforms,
  • Every minute, every second, around the globe, Protostars are getting born and influencing a huge market size
  • But these protostar’s life is very small and very often they are getting loosed their shine within 1~3 years
  • On the business side, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, SMEs and enterprise are also struggling to get the right influencers on demand
  • Due to lack of monetization platform as per influencers and market needs
  • VIMPAAS is fulfilling this gap by providing one stop solution to these influencers, business owners. Now, Influencers and business owners can have a lion/horse riding well supported by VIMPAAS and It's partners (SMM Managers/Agencies)

* The influencer economy, which is combined of an creators/influencers and new start-ups

** by 2025


Global Market Size **

Billion $


Indian Market Size **

Crore ₹


Global Influencers

VimPaaS - An Overview

VimPaaS - An Overview

VIMPaaS is a influencers marketplace for

  • Synergizing Influencer Economy

    Transforming Synergized Influencing Power into business opportunity and growth

  • Start As Influencer

    Get the most earning influencer’s profile of you, Sign the best business deals. Monetize your services with the business, fans, followers and end customer.

  • Influencer Assesment

    Influencer can asses their influencing index based on social and many other parameters. VIMPAAS influencing index is a live and very dynamic indexing authenticated and updated automatically. Based on their influencing index they can get onboard in VIMPASS 10, 100 and 500 in a specific categories or globally. Note: This feature will available in next release scheduled by Aug-2022.

  • Support for the emerging influencers

    VIMPaaS 1000 is for emerging influencers where they will get all possible (Tools/Technologies) so they can onboard as VIMPAAS 500>>100>>10 Note: This feature will available in next release scheduled by Aug-2022.

  • Influencer, Business, Partner and Followers Onboarding

    Individual/MSME/SME/Enterprise and agencies will get onboarded and they can post their requirement to get right influencers for their personal/business needs. VIMPAAS is providing many interactive, collaborative and synergized use case/interfaces/features between influencers and Individual/MSME/SME/Enterprise/agencies to achieve win-win deal

Esteemed Customers & Partners

You are the heart and soul of our business

All global citizens are our customer as you may be an influencer or influenced with the influencer. In both case you are my esteemed customer.


Whether you are start-up business, SME, MSME or enterprise and want to promote your business in a very cost-effective way then you are my esteemed customer.


If you are a creative photographer, content writer, multimedia designer, personality development coach, sales and marketing consultant then you may be our esteemed partner.

Our Value Proposition

Unique selling proposition (USP)
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Influencing Monetization

Transforming Synergized Influencing Power into business opportunity and growth
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Instant Promotion and Earnings
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You can scale as you want as It’s truly Glocal (Global + Local)
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It’s simple, just create your profile, subscribe a free package and start now
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Minimum Revenue Guarantee with Run the Business (RTB) Services
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Payment will receive in advance in the VIMPAAS escrow account but will release only once buyer is satisfy
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Collaboration - Win-Winners

Many great influencers are not on social media, these influencers will associate with social media influencer to achieve win-win
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Great User Experience

with 360-degree customer support, fast and reliable website and mobile apps