Meta Influencer Meaning for Creators and Brands

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Meta Influencer Meaning for Creators and Brands

Meta Influencers or Virtual Influencers are a character in the metaverse. These meta influencers characters are created by computer software just like cartoon creation.

Meta influencers are evolving from static cartoon character to the dynamic characters with the help of advance animation software, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This is well known facts that cartoon characters has huge impacts on the child’s and teenagers. We know the popularity of many cartoon series and it’s characters like doraemon and nomita.

Just imagine, if these popular characters will enter into the metaverse where they will talk with each other including their audience. This virtual realty will be really interesting where audience will interact with their most loved virtual influencers.

Just imagine, If Parle-G and Amul Girl will enter into the metaverse as a virtual influencer. They will interact with their audience. They will answer their audience questions with the help of AI/ML based knowledgebase and IBM Watson like super computer.

Kyra and rozy virtual influencer is the beginning for the great journey where we will have many Meta and Virtual Influencers in our metaverse. I am just touching very high level meaning and some simple use cases of the meta influencers but opportunities are unlimited. The need of hour is giving a tool, a utility to the real influencers where they can create meta influencers with the highest ease without loosing their creativity. Once our influencers an creators will have such kind of tools they will create the multiple Metaverse just like beautiful galaxies in our universe.

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