What is Influencers advertising?

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What is Influencers advertising?
  • Question: What is influencers advertising?


    Countless businesses have achieved success with the help of influencer marketing, so that the status and role of influencer marketing have been recognized and valued by more and more brands. 

    Modern society is full of advertising, but also an advertising society. merchants through television advertising, newspaper advertising, online advertising, outdoor advertising, wall advertising, print advertising, magazine advertising, etc., dealer promotion and other forms, to help consumers recognize your products, so as to seize the commanding heights of consumers' minds, sales are naturally not a problem. therefore, advertising can help merchants influence consumers' purchase behaviours, and even achieve the purpose of creating demand by awakening the potential demand in the minds of consumers.

    let consumers know that there is this business, and influencer advertising can let consumers know what is the role of the merchant's product? for this reason, consumers are more aware of this merchant and the products of this merchant. a merchant's reputation and popularity are there. then this merchant can win in the market competition. therefore, in general, some businesses with abilities and concepts will influencer advertising for themselves. although influencer advertising requires a certain fee, as long as the influencer advertisement is made. then the benefits are very significant.

    Now is the commodity economy and society, not the ancient "good wine is not afraid of deep alleys", now the merchant to survive must play their own brand out, influencer advertising so that more people understand you and your goods, the merchant can have development, vitality, in order to stand in an invincible position.

    Influencer advertising is to use concise pictures and rich content to lift the appetite of the target audience, so that the audience feels ----- if i don't go to see it, if i don't try, then i will regret it. that's influencer advertising.

    The need for business sales this is obviously the role of influencer advertising that most businesses understand, and the business through a large number of influencers advertisements., whether it is for Instagram advertising or for distribution of coupon via different social media platform, its direct purpose is to promote the sales of business products, and then form economies of scale, reduce costs, and enhance the competitiveness of merchants themselves.


    Successful influencers advertising can stimulate consumer demand and expand the influence in the channel, widespread influencers advertising communication for large-scale production to create creative content.


    Corporate brand communication the purpose of many enterprises to do influencers advertising is not only for the immediate growth of sales, but for the shaping of the brand, the promotion of the brand has roughly two processes, the first is to improve the recognition, the second is to improve the reputation.


    As an indispensable part of the brand’s influencers marketing mix is a long-term investment, influencers advertising is the most direct and economical means to establish a corporate brand image in the hearts of the majority of consumers.


    Long-term huge influencers advertising investment is regarded by many famous brand enterprises as a long-term investment in their brand value, is an intangible asset, but also a symbol of corporate status and identity, many companies are willing to be the king of the influencers marketing, which is probably the reason. because influencer’s reach & status is described in the minds of consumers in the country as a national-level media, the brand it disseminates must also be a company with the same status in the industry.

    The needs of enterprise influencers advertising by big brands will make their business personnel confident in the process of promoting products influencers marketing in their business.

  • Question: Why businesses are so bully on influencer marketing?

    Answer: Many people have the misunderstanding that in the process of contacting the business, ninety-nine percent of people will say: promote sales! is this wrong? obviously, it is true, but in my opinion, it is not correct - it can only be said that all influencer marketing policies are cantered on promoting sales are correct, but if we rely solely on increase sales and improve performance, it is indeed a misunderstanding.

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