Micro Influencer Marketing Strategy

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Micro Influencer Marketing Strategy

Micro Influencer Marketing on Instagram is already a marketing tool that can effectively improve performance and brand awareness. In fact, the size of the micro-influencer marketing market in 2022 is estimated to reach $15 billion. In other words, the ability of Internet celebrities to carry goods has been widely recognized by the public.

Although macro influencers have more followers, there are three major advantages to working with micro influencers:

what are the key advantages of micro Influencer marketing?

Micro influencers are cost-effective and reach more diverse communities. Small businesses generally don’t have the budget to work with influencers with more than 500,000 followers. Micro-influencers (even nano-influencers) have lower industry allocation prices, and the willingness to cooperate for a long time is sometimes relatively high.

For example, the maintenance brand Hanahana Beauty has cooperated with a group of micro-influencers who often post on IG about the brand’s products, and web writer and photographer Neuka Julia is one of them.

as long as the price tag of a large influencer, a brand can recruit a group of micro-influencers to cooperate in promoting a project or new product to reach more communities and opinions.


compared with large-scale internet celebrities, the fans of micro-influencers are more concentrated and the audience is more accurate. many micro-influencers only focus on one or two areas, that is, operating niche markets, so that the market can grow organically and organized on social networking sites. this approach allows them to be closely linked to their own community, to understand the attributes of fans, and to have a relationship with each other like friends or trustworthy girlfriends, so most of the products and brands recommended by micro-influencers can receive overwhelming positive feedback. therefore, if brands want to enter niche markets and increase their exposure in the community, working with micro-influencers is a good option.

compared with large influencers, micro influencers have a high interaction rate

Later x Fohr’s Influencer Marketing research report notes that the fewer the number of IG followers an influencer has, the higher the average engagement rate. The average interaction rate of dynamic posts and industry posts of micro-influencers is about 2%; in contrast, the interaction rate of macro Influencers and mega Influencers falls around 0.8% to 1.3%.

the point is that micro-influencers not only have a stable interaction rate, loyal fans, and fees are also in line with the budget of small businesses, so when you want to improve your marketing strategy, working with micro-influencers is an excellent option.

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