How to do Influencer Marketing?

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How to do Influencer Marketing?

Working with influencers can increase website traffic and product sales. the cooperation methods are as follows:

step 1: Develop marketing goals and needs

Before you can start a marketing plan working with influencers, you must first set goals and set indicators to evaluate your effectiveness. for example, think about whether you want to increase traffic to your website, use promo codes or order urls to guide purchases, or increase brand awareness. taking a moment to develop goals can help you identify suitable partners and commissioning needs.

tip: you can draw up your budget together at the same time during the project planning phase!

step 2: Find out the influencers who want to cooperate and accept the results

When selecting partners, confirm whether these influencers meet the set marketing goals and brand image. the ideal influencer must have a high interaction rate and a stable frequency of posts, as well as have distinct personal characteristics and ideas.

When looking for influencers in the future, try the following methods and accept the marketing results of influencers:

Keep an eye on messages and tags on IG at all times. If the person is a genuine fan of the brand, they will be very natural and proactive in promoting the product to their fans.

Monitor the usage status of the brand’s hashtag. this is similar to the message and labeling situation, if the influencer frequently uses the brand’s hashtag, it means that they are passionate about your career, and they are usually happy to cooperate with the brand for a long time, or cooperate with one-time projects.

Leverage third-party influencer mediating platforms like VIMPAAS that can help quickly screen the right influencers.

Ask influencers to provide a results acceptance report.

step 3: negotiate fees with influencers and sign a contract

If you have now decided which micro-influencers you want to cooperate with, then the next thing to do is to negotiate the price!

Most influencers will provide a cooperation quote or a fee quote, but the price of cooperation is floating, so it is necessary to negotiate the cooperation fee according to the brand’s budget and needs.

After the fee is negotiated, the contract must include the following items:

  • remuneration – how much will the other party receive? when will i receive my money? whether to accept reciprocal exchanges other than cash, such as free goods.
  • product information – will you provide examples of frequently asked questions about your product or service, product descriptions, and post descriptions?
  • Specify the content of the work – will they make their own live posts, short videos (Reel), limited time feeds? What is the number of articles?
  • when will they send the post to you first for confirmation? when should they post?
    work project approval process – what will you give back? what process do they use to approve their work projects?
  • duration of cooperation – how long is the duration of a collaboration or one-off project?
    access to content – will you use their creations in other marketing campaigns or other platforms? how long is it used?
  • exclusive terms –
    can they work with other competitors while the project is in progress?
    agree to a public agreement – how should they disclose their business relationship?
    termination clause – what are the conditions under which either party wishes to terminate the agreement?

step 4: track and monitor results

Tracking, monitoring and evaluating project results is a very important step. because then you can understand how well your marketing is performing, and use this report to plan your next project, assess whether you want to continue working with the same influencer, update the people you work with, or set other goals.

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