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Influencer marketing is an online marketing technique that has been very tamed in recent years. while many brands are already in use and there are many articles on the web about the importance of influencer marketing, many people are still unfamiliar with influencer marketing. what exactly is influencer marketing? what are the influencer marketing trends you must know about in 2022?

What is Influencer Marketing?

influencer marketing is a combination of traditional and emerging marketing tools, and the marketing method of traditional celebrity endorsement has been put into today’s internet era where social media is prevalent and content is supreme. unlike traditionally, former celebrities have become “influencers” with different numbers of trackers on social media, and partnerships have become collaborations between brands and influencers.

usually brands will cooperate with influencers, which is nothing more than wanting to promote products and services, and some brands simply want to deepen brand awareness.

Among the most successful examples of influencer marketing, we have introduced Nike’s promotion of the Air Vapormax series with the well-known YouTuber channel “What’s Inside?” Cases of cooperation. What’s Inside’s channel is run by a father and son, and the theme of the film is to cut through everyday objects and observe what it looks like inside. Nike’s partnership with What’s Inside channel reached more than 3.6 million views and 32,000 likes, successfully igniting the topic of new product promotion.

why is influencer marketing so important?

many marketers believe that influencer marketing is an important part of word-of-mouth marketing, and in the generation of being flooded with a large number of advertisements every day, people have begun to ignore the cold advertising content and rely more on the real evaluation on the internet. research shows that 60% of customers say they are primarily influenced by social media when deciding whether to buy!

with influencer marketing, brands can:

  • increase brand awareness
  • increase brand loyalty
  • create unique content
  • attract new users
  • ask for real feedback

Influencer VS Opinion Leaders

how to find the partner of cooperation? in addition to finding influencers with a large number of followers on social media, it’s also important to consider whether they are opinion leaders. what is the difference between influencers and influencers?

  • influencers: influencers on the internet who may have many followers or followers on social media.
  • opinion leaders: because they have influence on a certain field of knowledge or titles in that field, enough to influence the customer’s consumption decisions.

another point we must understand is that “influencers are not necessarily opinion leaders, and opinion leaders are not necessarily very popular”. while the series is titled influencer marketing, brands must understand how influencers differ from influencers when choosing who to work with. don’t know how to choose a right platform? suggest check out this : how to choose a right platform for influencer marketing?

usually, then, influencers are divided into 4 levels:

  1. Nano–influencer: Celebrity promotion with less than 10,000 followers
  2. Micro–influencer: Fans are usually between 10,000 and 100,000
  3. Macro–influencer: Followers are usually between 100,000 and 1 million
  4. Mega–influencer: Over 1 million followers

what should influencer marketing pay attention to?

  • develop a complete influencer marketing strategy: including budgets, partnership plans, etc
  • Establish ways to find influencers: Say Google Engine organic traffic, find a dealer, or an influencer platform
  • find the right partner to work with
  • adjust the content of the proposal according to different partners
  • integrate the timeline of influencer release with the product launch and pr schedule
  • establish an influencer cooperation contract

finally, i would like to remind everyone that influencer marketing is a “human” business. when brands are looking for influencers to work with, although the purpose is to increase product sales through influencers, at the same time, you are also selling yourself to influencers, so you must be able to earn their trust and respect. i hope this content is helpful to everyone, and i hope that you will find more services to help the brand grow on the harry bear service market!

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