New Trend to monetize your influencing power

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New Trend to monetize your influencing power

There are great opportunities for the influencers to monetize their influencing power with the political speeches. Peoples are like to listen “skin positive influencers” raw and real views on the political topics.

As, now days, most of the media houses, news papers using too much cosmetic before producing any news and views to their audience.

Major part of the audience wants simple, raw and real news. So, this the opportunity for influencer to increase their fan following and monetization together.   

Social Media Influencers as Political Opinion Leaders

Social Media Influencers Turned Politicians
Social Media Influencers Turned Politicians

Influencers can express their political opinions freely in the form of commentary channels and get ad revenue on the basis of the number of views they generate as well as the specific “ad units” they use—Platform ads model above.

Social Media Influencers Turned Politicians

Influencers with political aspirations may nowadays start their careers on YouTube or may shift from other industries to politics. The case of Brazilian Youtuber Kim Kataguiri, the youngest person ever elected to the Brazilian Congress, still uses AdSense on his YouTube channel, where he streams discussions from the country’s legislative branch for his over 500,000 followers. In Kataguiri’s case, he even surpassed his initial role as a content creator with political opinions, as he took political office.

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